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Contact Lens Solution

Multipurpose and peroxide solution for contact lens

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Contact Lens Solution

What is it?

Contact lens solution is a solution that helps to clean, disinfect and store the lens. This solution kills the bacteria that might infect the eyes, as well as, keeps the contact lens safe when coming into contact with the eyes.

Contact lens solutions are vital for those who wear contact lens because, without this solution, the contact lens might harm their eyes causing infections and other related complications. Contact lens solutions are generally produced in different forms for different types of contact lenses.

Types of Contact Lens Solution

There are mainly two types of contact lens solutions that are used and they include the following:

  • Multipurpose Solution also known as all-purpose solutions is a type of contact lens solution that helps to clean, store and disinfect the contact lens and the contact lens is safe to wear right after taking it out of the solution.
  • Peroxide Solution is a type of contact lens solution that helps to clean and store the contact lens, however, it should be thoroughly rinsed and neutralized before wearing the contact lens. It takes about 6 hours to neutralize the lens, so make sure not to wear the lens before it is neutralized.
Know More About Contact Lens

Contact lens is a thin plastic lens that is placed right on top of the eye to correct any vision problem. Different types of contact lenses are available, depending on the condition of the eyes. Contact lens solutions are a necessity for those wearing contact lens. Contact lenses are differentiated into:

Soft Contact Lens

Soft contact lens is the most commonly used contact lens. These type of lens are used to correct vision problems such as

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Presbyopia is nearsightedness caused by old age
  • Astigmatism causes blurred vision
  • Corneal irregularities

Soft contact lens is more comfortable and easier to wear. These lenses are produced in various forms that include,

  • Daily Wear Lenses are those lenses, which can be worn during the day and are to be removed at night and placed in a lens solution in order to clean and disinfect the lens. These are the least expensive lens and can be used for a long period of time depending on the manufacturer.
  • Extended Wear Lenses are those types of lenses, which can be used while sleeping. It is necessary to remove the lens to clean and disinfect them at least once a week to prevent your eyes from getting infections.
  • Disposable Lens as the name suggests are lenses, which are used for a particular time period as in daily, weekly or monthly after which it is discarded. Disposable lens cost more and should not be used regularly as they are not cleaned or disinfected compared to other types of lenses.
Hard Contact Lens

Hard contact lenses are the rigid gas-permeable lens that provides a clear vision for most eye problems. Hard contact lens is more breathable compared to soft contact lens, hence it reduces dry eyes and infections. These lenses should be removed at night to be disinfected and cleaned after wearing them during the day. Adapting to the hard contact lens takes more time than adapting to softer ones.

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