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Treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism with STAAR Implantable Collamer Lens

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ICL treatment with STAAR ICL

Say Goodbye to your contact lenses and Glasses with STAAR ICL

Stuck with the hassles of glasses and contact lenses? Need a better solution? The STAAR ICL sets you free to have a lifestyle not dependent on glasses and contact lenses anymore. Now you can engage in all your favourite activities and adventure trips without getting stuck with the hassles of glasses or contact lenses.

What is STAAR ICL?

ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens that is implanted inside your eye to correct the vision. What makes it different from traditional contact lenses is it does not go on the surface of the eye instead it is positioned in between the iris and the natural lens of your eyes so that it can stay indefinitely. However, if your vision changes in the future, it can be removed, and the powered lens can be implanted again.

Material of ICL

The material of the ICL is entirely different from the traditional lens. It is made up of Collamer (advanced lens material exclusive to STAAR Surgical). The collagen present in the lens makes it biocompatible with your eyes. Therefore you won’t feel the presence of any foreign object in your eyes that might create discomfort.

Permanent as well as designed to be removable

The STAAR ICL is designed to stay permanently in your eyes and correct your vision, without removing any natural tissues of your eyes. On the other hand, if ever in the future you wish or need to remove them, it can be easily removed through surgery. Plus as no natural tissue is removed, there is no scope of changing the shape or structure of your eyes.

  • It does not lead to dry eye syndrome.
  • It consist of built-in UV protection into the biocompatible lenses.
  • The procedure ends within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The patient can resume daily activities within a few days and can experience a clear vision.
Who is not the right candidate?

On the following people, this surgery should not be performed:

  • Patients with any non-traumatic cataract in the fellow eye or cataract in the operative eye.
  • Patient with ocular hypertension in any of the eyes.
  • Patient who is pregnant or nursing.
  • Patients with ACD of less than 2.8mm.
  • Patients with abnormal corneal endothelial cell density.

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Why Amrit

Amrit Hospital was conceptualized with an aim to strive to provide patients with a safe place to get treated. We strive to put our patients’ comfort and treatability above our own concerns. Therefore, we stress on using the latest technology in terms of biomedical equipment, laboratory, surgeries, etc. Amrit Hospital has opted for the latest in LASIK technologies to fight the ophthalmological issues that affect the majority of the patients.