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Monovision LASIK

Treatment of presbyopia with monovision LASIK

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Monovision LASIK

What is it?

Monovision LASIK is a popular treatment option for Presbyopia, a medical condition caused by the loss or the inability to focus the lens. This condition generally occurs in patients around or over the age of 40. LASIK has proved effective in improving far vision but was not able to help patients with presbyopia and they have to use glasses for near vision. However, Monovision LASIK can be used to help presbyopic patients get a better distance and near vision without bifocals or reading glasses.

Monovision is a technique used to correct presbyopia with the contact lens, where one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye for near vision. This same technique is used for Monovision LASIK.

Monovision LASIK may not be a perfect method to correct a patient’s eye vision but it is still the best alternative when compared to using vision correction devices. It has also become a viable option for a clear vision at both far and near sight.

How does it work?

Before knowing how Monovision LASIK works, one should understand what dominant and non- dominant eyes are. There are various tests to determine the dominant eye, a simple method to determine your dominant eye is Miles test. Ocular dominance test can also be done to determine the dominant eye.

Miles test is done by first extending both the patient’s arms and then bringing them together to form a small opening. Through the opening, the patient is asked to look at a distant object with both eyes. Then, the patient has to view the object by closing each eye alternatively. The eye that is able to see the object in the circle is the dominant eye.

The doctor corrects the non- dominant eye for near vision and the dominant eye for distance vision. With this, the patient is able to see near and distance vision without any need of glasses in most cases. This depends on the condition of the eye before the surgery, which can be determined by the doctor. Some patients might take some time initially to adjust to this new vision while others can adjust immediately. The time to adjust the vision can be decreased by using Monovision lenses prior to the surgery.

Surgery and Care

Once the patient has decided on Monovision LASIK, they will undergo the treatment similar to LASIK surgery. The doctor decides if the patient is eligible for the surgery by considering various factors that can affect the outcome of the surgery and also what to expect post-surgery. Occupation or lifestyle of the patient is one of the main factors.

It is usually recommended for patients who do not rely on their distant vision too much because it can make their job harder. Proper counseling along with Monovision contact lens trial plays a key role in understanding what to expect after treatment.

Post-surgery, careful attention must be paid to the side effects that can occur early after a Monovision LASIK surgery. The side effects are normal and will improve with time if the patient follows proper instructions and frequent counseling. If the side effects are prolonged, the patient is advised to seek the doctor immediately. In rare cases, some patients might not be able to tolerate the Monovision then it can be reversed with enhancements.

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