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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery is an advanced technique that requires minimal invasion. In this technique, an incision is made into the skin and a camera, to visualise the insides, is inserted as well. In comparison to open abdomen surgery, the pain and discomfort will be less while the patient is recovering. With this technique, the duration of the stay at the hospital is generally small, there is less damage to muscles and skin and the recovery period is small.

Advanced laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery technique that uses slender tools with a camera/light/surgical extensions to perform surgery through smaller incisions on the body than regular surgery. This is also often referred to as keyhole surgery. This is typically used for abdominal or pelvic surgeries.

The word laparoscopy comes from the greek words laparo (meaning flank) and the word skopein (meaning examine). Laporoscopy came into being in the early 20th century as a tool to help diagnose reasons for pain in the abdomen. It's usage then spread to helping gynecologists perform tubal ligations. Today there are varied applications of laparoscopic surgeries in hysterectomy, removing tumors, removing gallbladder etc. It is also used in removing tumors that are cancerous.

There are multiple ways in which laparoscopic surgeries are performed. In one type of surgery, there are multiple smaller cuts made, through which tubes go in carrying cameras and surgical tools. In some cases, surgeons use the same opening for cameras and tools, but this becomes tricky because of a lack of room. There are two other kinds of advanced laparoscopic surgeries - (1) hand-assisted, where the cut is slightly larger, but the surgeon can reach in with their hand to perform the surgery. (2) robotic laparoscopic surgery, where a set of robotic arms perform the surgery while they are operated by surgeons using computer interfaces. This helps them be more precise and typically means less bleeding and impact.

There are a lot of advantages of using advanced laparoscopic surgery techniques:

  • Less damage to the body and organs
  • Minimal cuts, so minimal scarring
  • Faster healing time
  • Lesser expense in hospitals
Why Amrit hospital?

Amrit hospital offers one of its kind facilities for advanced laparoscopic surgery. Amrit hospital’s vision is to provide quality laparoscopic surgery to all sections of the society. With high-definition laparoscopic equipment, we can provide the best facility for laparoscopic surgery. Our policy is to provide high quality medical care at affordable rates.

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Why Amrit

Amrit Hospital was conceptualized with an aim to strive to provide patients with a safe place to get treated. We strive to put our patients’ comfort and treatability above our own concerns. Therefore, we stress on using the latest technology in terms of biomedical equipment, laboratory, surgeries, etc. Amrit Hospital has opted for the latest in LASIK technologies to fight the ophthalmological issues that affect the majority of the patients.