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Treatment for conditions, such as, arthritis, concussion, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

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Every patient who has undergone surgery, illness or any other trauma desires to get back to their normal routine as fast as possible. For that, they need to go through rehabilitation, a process of restoring and regaining their physical strength and function. This process is usually done in the following stages:

  • Acute or Physician Care Stage is when staying at the hospital stabilizes the patient’s condition. This is typically recommended for patients with serious injuries or multiple traumas.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Stage is when the patients will start to regain the functions of the different parts of the body from the different therapies that have been provided. This condition of the patient determines the result of this stage.
  • Outpatient Rehab Stage is when the patient undergoes a rehabilitation program as part of the treatment plan, usually recommended after the patient has been discharged from the hospital.
What is Physiotherapy?

It is a branch of medicine that deals with physical medicine and rehabilitation that is provided along with other treatment options for the full recovery of a patient.

Physiotherapy uses mechanical force and movement to cure the patient’s impairments and also boost the mobility, function, and the quality of life of the patient. The physiotherapist starts off by first examining the patient to diagnose the issue, then chalks out a treatment plan, which will involve physical intervention.

Physiotherapy is also called Rehab Physiotherapy when it is used to treat patients who have recently undergone surgeries or suffer from any medical condition, ailments or injuries that limit their independence and normal activities.


Physiotherapy, being a branch of medicine, has its different sub-specialties, as shown below:

  • Sports
  • Neurology
  • Wound care
  • EMG
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Geriatrics
  • Women’s health
  • Pediatrics
What happens during Physiotherapy?

In a physiotherapy session, the physiotherapist will help the patient achieve the following by closely working with him/her:

  • Checking the nature of the patient’s problem and how far it has reached.
  • Involving the patient while setting the goals of the therapy.
  • Supporting the patient throughout the session and advising him/her in the right method of doing a specific exercise etc.
  • Evaluating the progress of the patient regularly.

Sports physiotherapists, usually exposed to the different sporting environments, usually have their patients, the athletes, perform the following:

  • Use hands-on treatment and rehabilitation to help treat the patient’s pain and injury.
  • Perform specific strengthening exercises that will help prevent further injuries.
What Amrit Hospital stands for?

We, at the Physiotherapy unit in Amrit Hospital, aim at restoring the patient to return to his/her normal routine as much as possible. We want to enhance the quality of our patient’s life by rehabilitating them and provide excellent post-operative rehabilitation.

We, at Amrit Hospital, are fully equipped to deliver all treatment protocols as per the requirements of the individual patient.

Preventive Healthcare

Modern medicine is focused on the prevention of diseases rather than contracting them, as most of the medical conditions can be prevented from being developed into full-blown diseases with early detection, intervention, and management.

We, at Amrit Hospital, have kept this mind while offering the following two preventive health clinics at our premises.

  • Master Health Checkup
  • Well Woman Checkup

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Why Amrit

Amrit Hospital was conceptualized with an aim to strive to provide patients with a safe place to get treated. We strive to put our patients’ comfort and treatability above our own concerns. Therefore, we stress on using the latest technology in terms of biomedical equipment, laboratory, surgeries, etc. Amrit Hospital has opted for the latest in LASIK technologies to fight the ophthalmological issues that affect the majority of the patients.