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Smile Pro Eye Surgery

World First Robotic Laser Vision Correction

ReLEx SMILE PRO® is the world’s first robotic laser vision correction system.

What is Smile PRO

Its minimally invasive procedure with accuracy and safety of Robotic surgical technology takes just 10 seconds.

It carries the legacy of more than 50 lakh eyes treated with SMILE. Today, millennials prefer SMILE PRO because it goes beyond other older LVC procedures like LASIK or contoura vision.

Advantages of SMILE PRO

It's gentle, it’s minimally invasive - it's SMILE PRO!

The latest advancement in Laser Vision Correction beside PRK and LASIK convinces with its predominantly excellent visual results and the generally quick healing process and could therefore be beneficial for people with an active lifestyle.


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Innovation at its Finest

Innovation at its Finest

SMILE uses the CPA (Chirped Pulse Amplification) technology for which Arthur Askin and Donna Stickland have been awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 2018.

6 Reasons to love SMILE PRO®

World’s First Robotic Laser Vision Treatment

A Laser Vision Correction that is Robotic, Flapless, Minimally Invasive, Gentle and Virtually Pain-free.

Quick and Proven

As the fastest laser in the vision correction history, it takes only 10 seconds to reshape your cornea. And the overall procedure takes just a few minutes.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

With the robotic precision, SMILE PRO is gentle and minimally invasive compared to other laser vision correction procedures. A keyhole incision as small as 2 - 6 mm is made for lenticule extraction.

Rapid Visual Recovery

Most people return to their normal activities the next day

Freedom from Lenses

SMILE PRO is designed to eliminate your need for glasses and contacts.

Eye Strength

SMILE PRO patients benefit from long-term eye strength and corneal stability


Model VisuMax VisuMax 800
Lenticule Extraction Lenticule Extraction SMILE PRO
Hyperopia Included NO Yes, Future
Laser Frequency 500 KHZ 2 MHZ
Laser treatment time( Lenticule) < 30 SEC < 10 SEC
Centration Fixation by patient Centralign, before docking
Cyclotorsion Ink Marks and manually turning patient interface OcuLign (ink mark base, Later automatic)
Patient interface Curved Curved
Surgical Microscope Yes Yes
Slit Lamp Yes Yes
Other applications Flap, CIrcle, Keratoplasty, ICR Flap, CIrcle, Keratoplasty, ICR
Enhancement module Circle Circle
Suction Loss Management Immediate Restart Module Immediate Restart Module
Clinical Status More then 5 Mil. Procedures. 700 peer-reviewed papers. Established guidelines Developed on vast experience of visumax

Frequently Asked Questions

As per clinical reports and studies, It has been concluded that Smile Pro provides potentially better biomechanical stability of the cornea than any other competitor.

Smile costs marginally more than contoura because of advantages of less dry eyes and better bio mechanical stability to the cornea.

With the proper guidance from your medical expert, anesthetic eye drops will be medicated and there will be no pain sensation with Smile Pro surgery.

With improvisation of vision in a few hours, You can resume with your normal routine in 2-3 days.

Smile Pro is a new, FDA-approved procedure and has been performed worldwide for two years with more than 1.7 million eyes being benefited with clearer vision.

Smile pro is an expensive technology from Germany and only institutes like amrit which has always been at the forefront of technology , have these machines so as to offer the best and most affordable treatment for their patients.

Yes, Smile Pro is a tried-and-true technique that has aided hundreds of sufferers with clear and better vision.

More than 17 lakh Smile Pro surgeries have been successfully performed worldwide by efficient doctors.

Approved by the FDA in 2016 following extensive studies and testing that demonstrated it to be a reliable, efficient method to enhance vision.

The Smile Pro procedure is permanent providing its patients with the enjoyment of clearer vision without glasses and contacts for years.

Yes, It is practically performed and proven that astigmatism can be corrected and cured with Smile Pro.

No, You don’t. Smile Pro aims to lessen or do away with your need for glasses.