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Hitesh Kumar Agarwal

Consultant Oththalmologist available. Opticals section also available. Good ambience. Live TV and ample sitting space. Only drawback is waiting time. Treatment is good. I am a regular visitor.

Dhakshin Yatra

Very Attendive and so Respective Hospitality...

Rakhee Girish

Doctors are helpful....Good Atmosphere, great facilities and services

Vignesh Venkatesh

Heard from my friend about this hospital.Really excellent care and service.I strongly recommend you guys for all your eye problems and for sure you relieve from them

Lasik surgery replaces my Specs

Dear Dr. Lalit

It was great to talk to you on the other day. I came back to Bangalore today and writing this testimony.

I was wearing glasses for the last 28 years and my power was -5.0. When I went for a regular eye checkup to Dr. Sohan Raj, AMRIT Hospital, Chennai (who prescribed my glasses 28 years ago) he and his son Dr. Lalit Kumar explained me about the Lasik procedure. I was convinced to undergo power rectification surgery for the following reasons

  • I had difficulty in finding my power spectacles when I misplace it. I always took the help of my family members to find it out.
  • I was not able to use sun glasses while driving my car in the bright sunlight and was even challenging to drive in the night because of the dazzling light from the vehicles coming in the opposite direction because of my specs.
  • The procedure described was simple and the cost was affordable.

After preliminary tests (regular eye checkup and a simple test to find out the thickness of cornea), I underwent LASIK surgery in December 2013 (during Christmas break). The surgery took only 10 min and was painless. However, I felt itching sensation for the next few hours after the surgery and was given medication to counter it. After couple of days, I could feel the real difference and without specs, I was able to read, drive etc. I pay sincere gratitude to Dr. Sohan Raj and Dr. Lalit Kumar for making it happen for me.

Best regards

Ganesh Babu K, PhD
Scientist, Early space Drug Discovery Program.






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